Natalie and Brian.  Theirs is the kinda love story that inspires novels.  They’ve known each other their whole lives.  Literally.  Their moms were friends while pregnant.  Play dates as children and attending the same private school.  By their junior year of high school they were dating and making plans to attend Messiah College after graduation.   Fast forward to the summer before their senior year at Messiah.  Brian had lost a bet and owed Natalie an extreme date.  When she woke the morning of the date, she found a bag of clothes Brian had picked out so she’d be prepared for their adventure.  Following her instructions to meet at the Lilly Pad Cafe, she arrived to find a brand new bicycle waiting her.  Brian had mapped out a scavenger hunt on bikes around the town of Denton that would take them down memory lane, highlighting significant periods of their lives.  After a picnic and some pottery painting, they arrived back at the Lilly Pad Cafe where Brian proposed under a large shade tree.

It’s these stories…stories of tremendous love…  “That can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, World Series kind of love.”  …I praise God every day that I’ve been given this gift.  The gift to capture that kinda love for just a brief, but significant moment of their lives.  Documenting the beginning of a family’s history.  I can’t wait for this October wedding!

I should warn you.  There’s quite a bit of cuteness overload and I’m not talking about the happy couple’s affection.  Their new puppy was in tow and oh my is she a cutie!  I may have went a tad over board with her pictures.  A huge THANK YOU to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum for hosting us!!

That’s a real crab!  We had a difficult time getting the ring back.

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